For the past 15 years I have had a very keen interest in the history of computing. I have built up a large collection of not only computers but other historically important artefacts and this has lead to my recent founding of the Centre for Computing History - a museum dedicated to the history of computing and the individuals that have made it happen.

Museum Tours
I have given a number of tours of the museum to small groups and pride myself on having a very good general knowledge of computing history - not only from a technical point of view but also from a social point of view and highligting the impact that computers have had on society that we take very much for granted.

I hugely enjoy presenting tours at the museum. One of the most enjoyable aspects is learning from others those snippets of information and anecdotes that can only come from word of mouth.

TV & Film - On Screen
I have given a number of TV interviews for both news and documentaries. Past programmes include : Electric Dreams, Brits that Made the Modern World and Converging Technologies. Most recently I have had the pleasure of appearing in the BBC film Syntax Era as a supporting artist :-) My non speaking role saw me play the part of David Johnson Davies in this film about the rivalry between Chris Curry and Clive Sinclair in the early eighties. It was a fantastic opportunity and one that I absolutely adored !!

TV & Film - Off Screen
As well being at home infront of the camera, I am equally (if not more) comfortable working on-set behind the scenes as technical advisor and practical technician. My past experience on the film Syntax Era has given me a great knowledge of working on-set and the processes involved. I have worked very closely with set designers, art departments, props departments, sparks, D.O.P's, sound ... you name it !!

I love the enviroment and am quite at home with the pressure and the tendancies for everything to change by the minute :-) I know when to work and prepare for the next scene, and when to be quite!